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We are diligent to keep our gutters clean and flowing, but don’t forget those rain drains. Rain drains are where the downspouts attached to the side of your house empty underground and out of sight. Where do they go? Why do I need to be concerned with where the water goes?

The whole reason that we have a gutter system in the first place is that water is one of the more destructive reasons for damage to your home. Your roof has a pitch that makes the water roll off instead of sitting on the roof and seeping inside, that water is then captured by your gutters and taken to the lowest point of your roof where it enters your downspout and then deposited underground to your rain drain system. The main purpose of the rain drain system is to take the water collected by the gutter system and either disperse the water either through a French drain type system, deposited into a drywell, connected to the cities storm water system or even connected to the homes main sewer line in older homes.