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How Grumpy's uses advanced snaking cameras to inspect sewer and rain drains


Grumpy’s Drains, we’d love to have X-ray vision. Since we don’t, we have cameras that we can use to inspect your clogged rain drains. The camera can tell us what’s down there, so we can know what the issue is. Many times, we will be able to clear the line, but things are still having issues. There might be a break in the pipe or there might be a root that’s blocking everything up. Camera inspections allow us to know what to prescribe.

Common Issues

Since our cameras are too big for most indoor pipes, we mostly use them to inspect rain drains. The most common issue for outdoor drains is when roots starts breaking through the pipe. Even just a slight intrusion can start catch other debris and organic material and start getting everything clogged. This helps because you can’t just clean out the pipes if the tree is protruding into the pipe. The camera inspection will help us find and identify the issue, so we know how to fix it.

Identify Where The Issue Is

When there are bigger issues, we can also help you identify where exactly the issue is by sending out a radio signal from the head of the camera. We have a wand that can pick up exactly where that signal is coming from and how deep it is, so we can pinpoint the spot of the issue, without having to dig up your whole yard. The camera shows what the issue is, and then we know exactly where it is and how to fix it.