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Grumpy’s Drains Can Help You Un-gunk Your Rain Drains

Clogged rain drains are no fun. It’s a mess to clean up and can cause flooding and backed up water that will pool up around the foundation of your house. Even if you can get through all the nastiness and unclog the drains with a snake, that method will often provide only short-term relief before the hole closes up again.

What Are Rain Drains?

Rain drains are the pieces of piping that take water from your downspout and get it away from the house. People often mistake rain drains for gutters or downspouts, but they are underground and tend to get clogged very easily. They get filled with organic material that runs right off the roof. Twigs, leaves, and muddle can all get in there and block everything up. Not only that, but little creatures like frogs and rats love to make their way in there too and make a mess of everything.

The biggest thing that we see clogging up rain drains is the little pebbles that come off shingles. Composition shingles have little sand pebbles that come off during heavy rain, so the first three to five years after a new roof can mean a lot of drainage issues around your downspouts. Once those little pebbles start collecting, the organic matter will get trapped in there and it can be a real hassle to unclog.

How Do You Unclog Rain Drains?

The way we clean rain drains is with hydrojetting. Hydrojetting means using a high pressure hose that shoots everything backwards and clears out the drain. The hose breaks through all the clogging and then we pull it back while it’s shooting high pressure water back out of the house, this gets all of that gunk to blast out of the hose and cleans the pipe much more thoroughly than the snake method. We’ve pulled as much as 5-10 pounds of pebbles out of drains before. We firmly believe that this is the best method for clearing your rain drains.

Sometimes, you might just have issues with one or two of your rain drains, and we can certainly help you out with that. However, if all of your rain drains are a mess, we also have specials available for clearing the whole house at one time. A complete hydrojetting process will get all your lines completely clear and keep you from calling us again for quite a while.

Hydro Jetting illustration