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Kitchen Line Cleaning

The most common drain line that we see clogged is in the kitchen. It’s the most used line in the house, and it has all sorts of food and grease being dumped into it daily. Over time, all this grease and gunk tends to slowly close the holes in your pipe, which means a nasty backed-up kitchen sink that’s going to give you big issues.

How we unclog your kitchen sink

One of the main reasons that kitchens get clogged so much is that they are often connected to the laundry line. This can mean that all the food and grease is mixing in with the lint to create a grimy sludge that will block up your pipes. When you have a 1.5-2 inch pipe, it doesn’t take much to cause trouble. The first thing we do is make sure the problem is in the kitchen. If your kitchen runs down into your laundry room, you might have issues in your laundry line without knowing it. To help us get things unclogged, we will ask you to remove all the stuff under the sink, so we can get everything tested and cleared as quickly as possible. Usually, all it takes is a quick cabling or a hydrojetting process if you’d like to get everything cleared a little bit more effectively. Hydrojetting blasts all of the gunk out of there and allow your pipes to flow as good as new!

Garbage Disposals

One common cause of buildup is worn down garbage disposals. Garbage disposals are supposed to be changed out every five to seven years, but when you put the food into it and it disappears, most people assume that things are working properly. But as the blades get dull, the food doesn’t get chopped up as finely, and it shoots down a pipe that’s mainly designed to just carry water.


Most people know not to dump bacon grease down your sink because it will congeal halfway down the pipe. But even if you’re scraping it into a can, the grease in your food can build up over time. A good recommendation that will help you avoid calling us in the future is to let hot water run for 30 seconds or so after you run the garbage disposal or dump any amount of grease down the drain.[/vc_column_text][/trx_content][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/trx_block][/trx_section][/vc_column][/vc_row]