Grumpy’s Specials & Coupons for Exterior Drain Services

Get your home completely flowing again from top to bottom and inside and out.



Whole House Rain Drain Coupon

Get 5 Rain Drains Hydro-Jetted for $495

Grumpy’s Drains is having a special on Rain Drain Jetting! Get 5 of your Rain Drains cleared out and flowing better for only $495! That’s a $175 savings over regular price. Don’t have 5 rain drains? Then $315 for the first rain drain and only $88 for each additional drain.

*Valid for up to 5 rain drains, additional drains can be cleaned for an additional $88 each. Complete Hydro Jetting for a through cleaning to remove ALL the debris from your lines.

Main Sewer line HydroJetting Coupon

Complete Jetting and video inspection of Main sewer line through Clean-out access for $429.

*Note: Jetting performed through clean-out access only.  We do not jet through roof vents or pull toilets.  Clean-out must be operational and accessible. Video recording additional $30.

Rootx Treatment Before and After

Rootx Treatment Coupon

$130 Regular price $145. Saving of $15!

Rootx is a proven treatment to keep those pesky roots from growing in your sewer line and causing expensive damage. Good preventive treatment for older homes.