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How do Rain Drains work?

One of the biggest dangers to homeowners is a rain drain that can’t do its job of properly processing heavy rain and excess water. Rain drains are meant to prevent flooding, but one that isn’t cleaned or maintained can actually cause flooding problems for your home and neighborhood. It’s always a good idea to clean your Rain drains, but how do you know where to begin?

What Usually Clogs Rain Drains?

Storm drains often clog due to debris caused by excess rainwater that drags dirt and debris into your drain system. Clogs also come from grease and oil buildup, tree roots that fall into your drains, and animal waste from raccoons and rats that hide out in your sewers. In the fall, leaves travel far distances and will often fly into your storm drains and pile up, along with rocks and stones that are solid enough to block water flow.

Cleaning Out Your Rain Drain

Storm drain cleaning isn’t difficult, and if you’ve identified that you either have a clog or want to prevent one, it’s time to start enacting your drain cleaning plan. why go through the process yourself when you can call an expert drain cleaning service to do the job? Grumpy’s Drains provides water jetting services and all the tools necessary to clean your Rain drains. You’ll have clean drains in three easy steps without even having to step outside your home!